A Note from the President of William S. Hart Union School District Board Linda Storli

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Community

First day butterflies-maybe? But not the fun kind of the past. The first day of school should be the exciting day of the school year for every student. This is supposed to be THE day. Favorite outfit and new backpack and pencils and paper and…
On the July 15 Governing Board meeting, we adopted a modified Fall 2020 Action Plan for the start of school that temporarily called for Online Learning. We authorized the following:
Classes to begin on August 11, 2020, as directed to by the board, in an online format.
Online instruction will continue for approximately five weeks.
Staff will report to work as assigned for the start of the school year *Amended on 7/29/20 to allow teachers flexibility to teach from their classrooms or at home
Training started right away to enhance online instruction with the goal to fully open at week 6. Shortly after our meeting; 7/17/20 – Governor Newsom Announces Full Online Learning Requirement for all Counties on the COVID-19 Monitoring List.

The Superintendent, the assistant superintendent, Kathy Hunter, the new director of student services, Dr. Getz worked literally around the clock to train and assist teachers and therefore students how to use the online learning tools. Everyone stepped up!
Classes began on the 11th and for the most part everything is going as well as can be expected. Everyone wants us to be back in the classroom and have things back to “normal”. I ask Leah, my Saugus Senior granddaughter how things were going? She answered the typical teenager answer, “fine”. Then I ask her what she felt she was missing… here came the flood; choir, band, theatre and sports can’t meet. How can we sing online with ourselves muted? How can Taylor (other granddaughter, Junior at Valencia) practice theatre? Maybe we do these things outside in the morning, at school, if stay apart?” And there it was; kids, teachers, parents are making good suggestions and we are listening.
School should be in person. Choir and football should be happening as usual. Kids should share the weekend news with friends while eating lunch. The kindergarten student who wore his best should have his picture taken in front of his school like his brothers and sisters did before him. I walked (mask on) into my grandson’s home the other day to drop off something. I laughed to myself… Ryan, eight years old, had a shirt and tie on with pj bottoms while learning on his computer with his teacher and Dr. Getz in a suit coat, shirt and tie with cut-offs on, teaching a class. The new normal!


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