Growth in Santa Clarita – Williams Ranch

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Community

Coming to Castaic, Williams Ranch is a new development whose motto is building quality for a lifetime. Spanning across 430 acres this masterplan community is a small town all on its own that has been designed to bring people closer to what matters. The plan was developed to give the 497 new homes the family-centric environment that the Santa Clarita Valley is best known for while giving the closest thing to perfection. Here, residents will enjoy large pool-sized lots where most are designed to have RV parking and beautiful views. At Williams Ranch the developers wanted to provide a space that people can gather and feel like a family by adding wide open spaces and vineyards, entertainment amphitheater, large citrus orchards, working vineyards and a wine pavilion for residents to enjoy. With a sense of outdoor adventure this space has been made for friendly neighbors, community spaces with outdoor kitchens, an intricate trail system, and several parks.

Trail System
Wine Pavilion
Large Citrus Orchards
Community Swimming pool(s)
Outdoor Kitchen
Most Houses Allow for RV Access
Space-430 Acres
Amount of Homes: 497



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