Monthly Message from the City Manager Ken Striplin

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Community

The Santa Clarita Public Library has what you need for Back to School
The City of Santa Clarita continues to focus on the “Can Dos” during the COVID-19 pandemic when there are still so many health restrictions in place. Our Santa Clarita Public Library is filled with “Can Dos” that are immeasurably helpful during this new reality of back to school time.
Many parents are quickly realizing that they may not have all the answers or understand the methods of how their children are learning. When the homework problems test the levels of parent’s knowledge – students can get HelpNow. HelpNow is a free online tutoring service through the eLibrary. Kids can log in and get homework help from live tutors offering personalized assistance to help students get through their assignments. In addition, HelpNow also offers skills-building, personalized eLearning tools, a 24-hour writing lab, foreign language lab, Spanish speaking support and much more!
Parents, there is help for you too! The eLibrary also has a wide range of resources to support parents, from the basics of common core to digital drop-in so you can troubleshoot technology to ensure your kids can log-in on time.
When a project calls for research, look no further than the eLibrary homepage. There you can explore eBooks, audiobooks, articles, databases, videos and magazines. There are also several online reference centers that replace the dictionaries and encyclopedias that most parents used when they were in school.
The best part of all these valuable resources is they are available for free, all you need is a Santa Clarita Public Library card. Free library cards are issued at or by submitting a request to I encourage all parents and students to take advantage of the online ease of getting a library card and all the important resources that come with having one.


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