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by | Sep 30, 2020 | Meet the Candidates

Stacy Fortner
Candidate for Board of Directors of SCV Water Agency Division 3

A fierce voice for taxpayers and customers! With a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a background in technology, including Water Systems Technology, you can count on her to keep an eye on the Agency’s budget as well as looking out for our water supply.
At the Agency, Stacy plans to lead the efforts to ensure a clean, sustainable and affordable water supply for generations to come, and will champion efforts to better engage the community on water issues.
Stacy is a dedicated Community Leader, giving her time to many causes in SCV including the Homeless Shelter, animal rescue services, local conservation activities and Hart Parent Organization. Stacy runs a Social Media page dedicated to water and climate topics and encourages members of the community to participate in local civic events. Stacy is a passionate advocate for clean, reliable, affordable water. She has long had an interest in protecting our local water supply and is currently an active member of the SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency Stakeholder Advisory Committee, where she works with the agency on the development of the Groundwater Sustainability plan.
Stacy is a 23-year resident of Santa Clarita where she lives with her husband and daughter, who is currently attending Sonoma State University.
More Info at www.electstacyfortner.com
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Valerie Bradford
Candidate for Board of Directors of SCV Water Agency,
Division 2

Valerie Bradford has been a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley for 15 years. A graduate of COC, Valerie is a Small Business owner that has served the community by doing:
– volunteer work
– feeding the homeless or less fortunate
– organizing voter registration
– community activism
Valerie has high moral standards and believes in ethical behavior and full transparency that promotes consideration and fairness to all segments of our diverse society.
As a member of the SCV Water Agency Board, Valerie feels it will be her responsibility to aggressively fight for clean, affordable water for the diverse population of the Santa Clarita Valley as it grows exponentially. She will do everything in her power to put your safe and reliable water needs ahead of those of the developer.
I’ll Serve Your Needs and Be Your Voice!
Valerie is seeking your support in the November 3rd elections! For more information, go to Valerie4scWater.com
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Christine Okamoto
Candidate for Board of Directors of SCV Water Agency,
Division 1

Christine Okamoto loves Santa Clarita and wants to contribute to the community in some way. As a yogi, she feels very connected to all of nature, and water is a big part of that. Caring for our environment and preserving it is very important to her. As a mom, she wants to make sure that future generations have access to clean and safe water here in Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita is a very dry area, and she feels that we need to be very careful about how we are obtaining, maintaining and using our water.
Christine is running for Water Board because she believes in ensuring a safe and sustainable water supply for all residents of Santa Clarita Valley. She will work hard for your right to safe and sustainable water for our families and our future.
The Water Agency Board makes decisions on development projects that impact the people every day, Christine will support development decisions that support community and families, not corporate profits.
She is guided by the values of diversity, inclusion and transparency, and wants to stand up for the right of all us to have access to safe, affordable and sustainable water, and  bring transparency and accountability to the Board. Water is for All of Us!
Paid for by Committee to Elect Christine Okamoto for Water Board Director Div 1 2020

Kathye Armitage
Candidate for Board of Directors of SCV Water Agency,
Division 3

Kathye Armitage brings perspective gained in the field of Public Health, education in Sustainable Natural Resources and Water Systems Technology, as well as her community advocacy to her candidacy.
Kathye is a 17-year resident of Santa Clarita and is raising her three children here. She is a graduate of CSUN (BS, Health Administration) and UCLA (Master of Public Health), and also earned her Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources from Oregon State University. Additionally, she is completing the Water Systems Technology program at COC.
Kathye currently serves on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to the SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency to provide input and engage the public in the writing of our Groundwater Sustainability Plan.
“As a mother, I feel a sense of obligation to our children and subsequent generations to ensure we are mindful of how decisions made today will impact their ability to have clean and plentiful water in their future.” For more information, go to: VoteKathyeArmitage.com
Paid for by Armitage for SCV Water Director 2020 ~ 23890 Copper Hill Dr. #107, Valencia CA, 91354

Anna Kumar
Candidate for Board of Directors of SCV Water Agency,
Division 2

Anna Kumar has been a resident of Santa Clarita for eight years and lives with her husband Reggie and their two children. She is an Insurance Agent with her own small business and over 20 years of experience in business management, complex contract review and handling confidential matters. She is a compassionate listener who truly cares about the people and small businesses.
Anna will extend this same care to the residents of Santa Clarita. As a member of the SCV Water Agency’s board, she plans to make sure our environment is safeguarded, and that the Santa Clara river and its eco-system are not adversely impacted by potential development plans. Another critical issue is to make sure our rates stay affordable while not compromising the integrity of our water. Her priority is the people of Santa Clarita, sustainability, water rights, and the protection of our current residents and the safety of their drinking water.
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Anna Kumar for SCV Water Board, District 2, 2020, FPPC: 1430610

Beth Braunstein
Candidate for Board of Directors of SCV Water Agency,
Division 1

Beth Braunstein loves Santa Clarita. She loves her community, her farm, and the small-town/big-city feel.
She cares deeply about this valley and it’s residents.
But Santa Clarita has problems. Our water is threatened by over-development and contamination. Our rates are going up again next year and our groundwater is dwindling.
It’s time for fresh ideas.
Beth is running on a platform of science, environmentalism, transparency, and compassion. Clean, affordable water is a right.
Beth is running to make sure the Board doesn’t serve as a rubber stamp for developers and special interests. She’s running a grassroots campaign, taking donations only from real people, not corporations. Her only special interest is to serve our community.
Beth also plans to build Water outreach programs for our children. Real change comes from education.
Santa Claritans deserve a Water Board that works for them. Water we waiting for?
For more information, go to WaterWeWaitingFor.com
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