Obestiy and COVID-19

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

This is extremely important information for us who needed to lose weight or have gained weight during the six long months since the massive statewide shutdowns to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Since then, we have learned a lot about the disease and how it affects humans, but there’s still a great deal we don’t know. Scientist are working hard and fast to develop the vaccine. During this gap, it’s important to remember that several medical conditions put individuals at a notably higher risk for contracting COVID-19. While heart or pulmonary diseases are commonly associated with high-risk groups, the conditions that put people at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 also includes obesity. In fact, the World Health Organization included obesity as one of the comorbidities that would put priority patients at the top of the list once a vaccine becomes available. Another notable distinction is that patients with obesity are younger on average than other COVID-19 patients.
Etcetera Medical has been treating the Disease of Obesity over 35 years. But despite, or perhaps because of its prevalence, obesity often remains unaddressed by other physicians as they focus on the comorbidities associated with it. Etcetera recognizes this is a unique situation. While obesity puts people at risk for many diseases, it is not typically associated with higher risk of contracting a virus or flu. As such, overweight individuals may need to be made aware that they could be more susceptible than others for contracting COVID-19
Now more than any other time, it may be imperative to get off those extra pounds. With the help of our medical professional we can choose and prescribe a simple and easy plan that will fit into your lifestyle.
As we head into flu season, we all will need to take greater precautions to maintain safety. A vaccine is on the horizon, but in the meantime, being informed is the best weapon at our disposal for keeping this disease at bay.
With Etcetera be safe now and in the future for maintaining a healthy weight that could add years to your longevity.
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