A Passion For Business & Music – Oksana Kolesnikova

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Community

Combining a passion for piano and the arts, Oksana Kolesnikova has been all over the world utilizing her gifts on the keys to bring beautiful music to the masses. Born in Siberia and raised in Kazakhstan she brings a worldly perspective to both her prowess on the piano and her many businesses. For Oksana, music is her passion and she continues to improve her craft while incorporating all that she has worked for and learned into her family and students.
Oksana was born in Siberia and raised by her parents who both worked in education and was instrumental in her journey to study music. “At an early age my parents saw I had a love for music and signed me up back home in Russia and that where my journey began.” In 1993 her family moved to the United States where she continued to develop her art which landed her pursing a formal education in music. “After completing high school, I went on to study at St. Petersburg College… and after graduating from their I received a full scholarship to Florida State university where I continued to study my music and received my degree.” During her pursuit in higher education she met her now husband, Alex who has been a constant support both in business and in life. “…he became my artistic manager and together we coordinated performances both nationally and internationally.” As a young thriving musician, she went on to entertain around the world garnering her title and reputation.” I have travelled the world and played for the US Navy touring all over Europe and Asia and these were unforgettable memories.” With a huge amount of acclaim early in her career she would soon be given an opportunity for another great accomplishment. “In 2009, I became a mother to a beautiful boy, Alessandro and I knew I could not have that level of travel and performance schedule, so I began to build my business locally.” With the birth of their son, Oksana and her husband began working on building their business using a grass roots style.
Transitioning from a fulltime performing artist to businesswoman and mother, Oksana and her family moved to the Los Angeles Area in 2010 and started the Oksana Management Group or better known as OMG. “This transition led me to become not only an artist but an entrepreneur where I not only share my art and skills with audiences but allows me to be able to educate my students and run a successful business.” Through the support of family, Oksana is able to run her business and still remain true to her art. “I am fortunate enough that my immediate family members are just as involved in our day-to-day operation, my husband and I are business partners and I spend a lot of time with my son, mentoring and educating him as a young businessman who has shown a lot of promise as an entrepreneur.” Businesswoman, renowned pianist, wife and mother, Oksana is really able to do it all and spends as much time building her business as being an amazing wife to her husband and mother to her son who is already quite accomplished at just 11 years old, “…he plays the piano amazingly well, for being 11 years old he is a published author who recently released his second book, I work with him to follow his passions making sure I prepare him for the real world after.” The work she does with her son has been a big inspiration for her business model and through OMG she offers several programs to help families and students.
Oksana Management Group (OMG) provides academic opportunities that are not normally offered in regular schooling. “We offer things like piano lessons, guitar lessons, language lessons for people who want to learn Italian, Spanish or French and we give academic tutoring to include test preparation, math and tutoring and so much more. This business model has proven to be effective and successful for the past ten years and we have reached the point for us to grow in scale, so the next natural step was to franchise, so we created Oksana Franchising International.” Working with franchise consultants she learned how to operate a successful franchise with a proven business model. OMG offers these several programs in personal one-on-one sessions and have been also working with local schools and municipalities providing community classes or enrichment programs outside of school hours. Through her dedication to youth Oksana has branched into philanthropy with Oksana Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to underprivilege youth. “There is a lot of children who are at a disadvantage and now I can finally give back and help them to succeed in life giving them the opportunities and tools to better themselves, I am really excited to make a positive change in people’s lives and look forward to doing so for years to come.”



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