City of Santa Clarita Revamps Hometown Hero Banner Program Lower Price as City Moves Banner Installation In-house

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Community

The City of Santa Clarita is excited to announce the revamp of our patriotic Hometown Hero Banner program. By working with a new banner printer and taking installation in-house, the City was able to decrease the price of the program to $172.50 for the first year and just $40 each year after. This is almost a 60% decrease in the cost for residents to par-ticipate in the program!
“The Hometown Hero Banner Program, and the brave men and women who are part of it, are very special to our patriotic community,” said Mayor Cameron Smyth. “We are striving to make this program as accessible as possible to our residents so every Santa Clarita hero can be honored.”
The City of Santa Clarita’s Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program honors actively-serving military members from the Santa Clarita Valley with banners that are displayed three times a year on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Veterans Day. Banners high-lighting Santa Clarita Valley’s Fallen Warriors are also posted along the Fallen Warriors Memorial Bridge on Golden Valley Road.
In addition, the Hometown Heroes website recognizes our men and women in uniform. This beautiful and patriotic website features a search function, which allows visitors to the site to view the City’s heroes by military branch and rank.
Friends and family are now able to submit a request to honor actively-serving military members from the Santa Clarita Valley with a free digital banner on the City of Santa Clarita’s Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program website. An online request form is available at
Each street pole and digital banner features the military member’s photograph, name, rank and branch of the military they serve. The online banner will display the same information as the street pole banners do, with the added option of including a short description, and will be on display on the City’s Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program web-site.
As an ongoing program, orders will be accepted at any time. When the Hometown Hero is no longer in the service, the family gets to keep the banner as a memento. If your Hometown Hero has participated in the program in previous years and would like to rein-state their participation or retrieve their banner, please contact Kathleen Herrera by calling (661) 255-4939 or by emailing For more information and to purchase a banner, please visit



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