November is a Sad Month for Our District

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Community

The tragedy at Saugus will never be forgotten.   We are working with a team at Saugus High and the community to develop a week-long observation.  Because of the COVID some of this will be virtual and some in person (with masks and distancing). 
When, and how are we going to get back to school?  I will not lead you astray.  We are not there yet. Someone suggested that we just ignore the county health directives and the governor directions.  We are not going to waste money by answering lawsuits that would certainly result from breaking the law.    
Here is what we have accomplished so far.  Some special needs students have been allowed to be back on campus for specific reasons.  I walked three schools and observed several classrooms.  Masks and distancing were in force.  The students were being helped online and the ones in the classroom had the ability to speak to the teacher or an aid.    
Conditioning has begun on campuses throughout the district. I have seen it in person and on video.  Students were distanced and when appropriate were wearing masks.  Football, cheer, dance and more.  I am working to get band, choir, and other extra curriculars on campus for a time during the week.  The emotional success of this “conditioning” is quickly noticed.  Students need to see and interact with each other. As we go forth, we are watching the numbers every day and are awaiting the time when we can (within the law) open the schools safely.  Until then we are working each day to make school better.  
As a retired Government teacher, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone to VOTE.  Vote by mail or in person but study the propositions and the candidates and VOTE.  
I need to make a public apology.  I used a picture of a student (I had permission of the student and the parent to take the picture and use it on my FACEBOOK page) in a campaign statement published in this magazine.  I made a mistake and am very sorry.  



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