Feeling Nostalgic and Very Sad – Farewell Cheri!

by | Nov 24, 2020 | A Note From the Publisher

Since I heard about the passing of Cheri Fleming on November 16th, I have been writing this column in my mind every day. I have read all of the wonderful heartfelt messages on social media, I have cried, I have been angry, I have gone over all the memories I had with Cheri and I still can’t believe she is no longer with us. I saw her four weeks ago and we were supposed to go out for dinner, I told her how great she looked in her red leather jacket, it’s just unbelievable that she has gone so quickly and way too young.
Our friendship goes back almost 30 years. Several years ago, we all would gather occasionally with a few very fun friends, including the Flemings. We planned outrageous parties and enjoyed each other’s company so much. Cheri was the organizer and always had a surprise in store but even she was surprised when one time, she booked a fabulous restaurant prior to going to see Joe Cocker in LA, little did she know that the restaurant also featured all male dancers similar to Chippendale’s, we laughed so much and almost didn’t make it to the concert, she even arranged for a backstage meet and greet with Joe and we took photographs with him, what a night!  There were so many nights like this. One time in her and Don’s backyard before dinner, a Scottish bagpiper surprised us all at sunset!  Then there was the English pub with the seven foot Scottish guy in a kilt and the belly dancer at the Persian night or the time Don and Cheri roasted us for charity, boy did we have fun with the rebuttal. There were so many more times when we celebrated life and had an absolute blast with them.
Cheri appeared on our cover many times, and there was good reason for that, she did so much! She couldn’t say no to anyone. What I loved most about Cheri is that she was so down to earth, pure and simple, she just loved people.
We all knew that she struggled with arthritis since she was 29 years-old, but did you ever hear her complain – I don’t think so. She was brave beyond belief and did a lot for our valley.
Oh! my goodness, we will miss her so much!
Our prayers go out to Don and the entire Fleming family at this time of great loss.
We dedicate this magazine in her memory.
With love Moe & Linda Hafizi



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