Finding the New “Comfortable” With a Little Help

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Gifts from the Heart

Everything feels slightly off. Not quite the same. We were slowly emerging from a type of hibernation from contact with the world and as we started to open and go back, nothing felt the same. We are not able to go to some of our favorite spots and everything feels a little stale- especially after wearing a mask for any length of time. People are facing uncertainty at work, home, school, in the marketplace, at the doctor’s office, in our own skin and definitely when in contact with someone outside of our household. It is a weird feeling EVERYWHERE! When nothing feels quite right and is so uncomfortable, how do you find a “new” comfortable? Where do you begin? Do you wait for the dust to settle or do you do little things right now to find it? Our vote…Do something for yourself every day and seek out a new comfortable. Reaffirm what is most important to you, hold close the little things that bring you joy, a sense of control, and brings you in touch with gratitude. If you’re over it…add chocolate here. For many people our family, our friends, and the people that impact us every day can add a little stress. (How do I get my children through school? How do I keep relationships fresh when together almost 24/7? How can I be of service to people in need?) And being alone in our own thoughts can do the same. (Do I have the energy and resources to take this on?) Part of re-emerging to a new normal is just getting something wonderful out of each day. Find new ways to recreate your space, your ever-evolving look (Corona weight sucks), and keeping people close in creative ways. If all else fails, maybe think about swinging by a fun, family centric, eclectic gift shop with a couple of kooky characters with a passion for people, community, and great stories. If it’s after hours and you need a little laughter and random fun you can always tune in to our crazy posts and videos! Catch us on Facebook @ingoodcompanystore or Insta @ingoodcompany_svc. “We’ll leave the light on for ya!”

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