A Message from Congressman Mike Garcia

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Community

2020 is finally over but we as a community have to remember that the pandemic is still here. Our local and federal government is very active in helping us get back to the way we were before COVID-19.
Congressman Mike Garcia stresses that the key to recovery, both economic and medical, is a balanced approach to mitigating the spread of COVID but also allowing businesses and schools to reopen. “I hope that the COVID nightmare is behind us in the early part of 2021, and we need to continue to work together to make this a reality,” commented Congressman Garcia. “I am committed to getting federal assistance to individuals and businesses who have been impacted by COVID.” But beyond COVID he noted, “We have a huge opportunity to get better than before in 2021, but we need to set aside our differences and look for what brings us together.”
Like most people, Congressman Garcia was affected by the pandemic but looks forward to a brighter tomorrow. “I do not want to let this year define us as Americans. Rather, it should show us how we can survive during tough times and look toward the future,” Congressman added. With the New Year, Congressman Mike Garcia has plans to bring back some of the security that was lost during 2020. Congressman Garcia mentioned, “I want to double down on supporting our firefighters and law enforcement, keep doing the right thing for them to have a stronger sense of security in our community. I want to also work with Edison to keep the power on; the current power outages pose a bigger issue than the fires. And we need to fight these fires more aggressively and invest in better managing our wild lands.” In his closing comments, he stated, “The Santa Clarita Valley is as close to utopia as you can get, and we are all working for similar things: To provide security and prosperity for our families. Let’s put 2020 behind us and keep working together to build a better tomorrow for the sake of our children.”



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