The Collector and the Minimalist

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Gifts from the Heart

If you happen to be following the journey of Laura and I in our new adventure in shop keeping it is difficult to escape the reality of our dual natures. Like the Odd Couple, we appear to embody a dichotomy of ideals, yet it is more like we approach the same values from opposite sides of the spectrum; living a life you love.
Tracy (the Minimalist)
For a minimalist, the idea of space is a foundation for living a life of your choosing. Allowing yourself to have the space you need to take on new ideas, to curate your living space with the items that bring out your best self, and to find a stillness within to weather any storm. For me, our store represents possibility within ourselves, and when you walk into In Good Company, you will notice the use of space to allow a frenzied pace a moment to pause.
Laura (the Collector)
I’m a sentimentalist by nature and my thoughts on gifts/things represent the people in my life. Life is an ongoing story constantly changing and each piece that you collect will remind you of lessons and blessings that have been passed down through family, friends and life itself. Living in the moment can be hard for the survivalist, you never know when the other shoe is going to drop but you can have the comfort of wisdom passed down in the pieces you collect while you continue to grow.
Whether you are a minimalist or a collector, the main thing is always the main thing. Life is a journey- how you celebrate, grow, and remember it is your own personal story. At the store, we are interested in every story and excited to help explore it through the pieces you pick. Join us on Instagram @ingoodcompany_scv and Facebook @ingoodcompanystore, we can’t wait to meet you!

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