Nourish, Cherish and Flourish

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

We all know that we do not live in a perfect world. We learn to experience pain and hurt from the time we were pushed on the playground as children. We never gave up; we got up and continued to push through. Throughout our lives we experience ups and downs. No one is immune to challenges as they are an integral part of life. Somehow, as adults we started to develop insecurities and doubts about our capability to deal with challenges, to accept them and actually see them as opportunities for growth. Rather than complain about our circumstance, we need to fit our surroundings to our wishes and needs and realize that we are much more than what’s happening to us.
To begin our healing and self care we have to first declare to ourselves that we are worthy of love and respect. Self love is not selfish. We affirm to ourselves daily that we are perfect and capable as we are. We show up for ourselves by setting small attainable goals that are unique to our needs, doing our best to tackle them with discipline one at the time to feel accomplished. We must be patient with no self judgment; show ourselves the same unconditional love we show others. It helps to get rid of old limiting habits or toxic negative energy that stunts our growth, much like removing weeds. Setting boundaries with others shows self respect. Surrounding ourselves with positive, supportive family members and friends only empower us.
We constantly take actions about nourishing our mind, body and soul. By learning a new hobby or a new skill for personal growth we open up to new possibilities. Take walks in nature, exercise more and eat right. Create quiet time for our inner sanctuary, taking time for prayer and meditation may bring peace and joy to our lives.
We were all created in God’s image; now it’s our job to be involved in the recreation of our life; to shape it to our liking and make it a masterpiece. It’s our responsibility to be the masters of our life. Ultimately it’ll lead us to live a happier life. Anais Nin once said: “And then the day came, when the risk it took to remain tight in its bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. Live the life you always wanted. It needs to begin with self love.
Naomi Young is an educator of Jewish studies and a Bar/ Bat mitzvah tutor in Santa Clarita for 38 years. She’s also a published writer and an artist. Contact her at Visit her art website at



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