A Message for City Manger Ken Striplin – The CAN DOs of Spring

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Community

Picture this…the sun has just set on another brisk spring day. You are in the comfort of your car, with the sunroof open and a sky full of stars sparkling above. You have your family with you, your favorite snacks and the picturesque Walker Ranch Open Space all around. Through your windshield, the massive screen illuminates, playing one of your favorite movies. Drive-in movies are back, and you are invited to take part in City Cinemas! It is the latest in innovative programming put on by the City of Santa Clarita.
The City Council has made it a priority to continue to provide opportunities to get active and get outdoors safely throughout the COVID restrictions. We call these opportunities the CAN DOs. At a time when we are frequently reminded of what we can’t do – this positive spin has helped Santa Clarita residents through the months of lock downs.
For the month of March, we are excited to invite residents to City Cinema. The list of movies, times, dates and how to get your free reservation will be available on the City’s events Facebook page @CityofSantaClaritaEvents.
Another CAN DO you can take part in this month is the annual One Story One City program. Hosted by the Santa Clarita Public Library and the Friends of Santa Clarita Public Library, this year’s program centers around the book “Eat Joy: Stories & Comfort Food from 31 Celebrated Writers.” This book is a collection of essays that explore our relationships with food and how it can bring you comfort during dark and difficult times. Make sure to pick up the book from your closest library branch, then check out the website for a list of events! You can contribute to the Community Cookbook, decorate an apron, play food trivia and more. For more information, please visit www.OneStoryOneCity.SantaClaritaLibrary.com.



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