The 6 Key Features Every Laundry Room Must Have

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Home & Garden

Doing laundry is an inevitable chore, but it does not have to be miserable. The team at Randal G. Winter Construction can create or update your laundry room to make it an enjoyable, peaceful space that gives you that ease of access you have always dreamt of.
Storage and Built-Ins
Nobody wants to look at the bottles of fabric softener and detergent cluttering up their laundry room. Creating unique and elegant storage cabinets coupled with built in shelving will allow you to access those essential items with ease while also keeping them hidden from view.
Elegant Tile Flooring
Make sweeping up the dust bunnies that accumulate and wiping off the soap drips a breeze with tile flooring. Flooring that is durable and water resistant is a must when washing out those dirty clothes, smelly sports gear, or muddy horseback riding boots.
Natural Light and Fresh Air
Installing an oversized window will bring an abundance of natural light and will allow those delicate items to dry in the warm spring breeze. Pairing the window with a retractable close line will eliminate the mess of clothes hanging on cabinet doorknobs to dry.
Proper Ventilation
One of the leading causes in house fires are improperly vented dryers. When lint piles up, it is just fuel waiting for a spark. Fresh air and quality air flow are pertinent in any laundry room. As moisture is present, so is the possibility of mold growth.
Remodeled Client Laundry Room
Accessible Power Outlets
A laundry room should be a functional space that allows you to iron, steam, and clean. But with limited power outlets, your abilities are limited as well. Wiring for outlets that are accessible at various heights is a key component in
a functional laundry space. Never have to stretch a cord again in your new laundry room.
Proper Location
Many homes have their laundry rooms built off the garage or the kitchen, while the bedrooms, where the laundry is made and collected, are located upstairs. Think about how much easier it would be to wash, fold, and put away your clothes if your laundry room were located off your master closet or down the hall from the kid’s rooms.
Randy Winter and his team of experienced contractors can bring your dreams to life. They have the knowledge and experience to get any job done right, and they have the passion to make sure the job that they do exceeds all their client’s expectations.




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