The #1 Sliding Door Repair Service with Dr. Slide-Door

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Home & Garden

Dr. Slide-Door is the number one chosen sliding door repair service in Southern California.
These sliding door experts are always ready to handle any challenging door no matter the make, model or year. Whether your door is modern or ancient, fear not! Dr. Slide-Door has the remedy for all your rolling troubles. Upon inspection, if your sliding doors are beyond repair, rest assured, Dr. Slide-Door has everything you need on-site and only provides materials of the highest quality. Your sliding door professional will re-place the parts needed right down to the rollers, locks and handles leaving your door feeling weightless and as good as new. This way you can rest easy knowing that your re-pair is going to last, and your sliding door troubles are over for good! You will be amazed at how easily your door glides open and closed.
With 25+ years of experience providing quality service and a dedication to detail, Dr. Slide-Door knows each customer will be happy with their performance. The professionals at Dr. Slide-Door are ready to cover any job in SoCal and understands a busy schedule. That’s why Dr. Slide-Door is happy to work around yours. Book an inspection of your sliding glass door at your earliest convenience and they will come deliver your estimate in person free of charge. So, with nothing to lose, why not book a visit and fix your stubborn sliding door today!
For more information on Dr. Slide-Door please visit the website:, here you can also book your FREE consultation.


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