Sports Season and School Time Is Slowly Underway – Valencia Foot and Ankle Center

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Medical

As things begin to open up and the weather is warmer, our community is starting to see a lot of recreational activities, planning for sporting events, and some kids are going back to school. With Sports Season and school time slowly underway, Valencia Foot & Ankle Center is prepared to give their patients quality sport medicine and podiatry care if the need arises. “We want our children and everyone to be out and active so that’s what sets us aside from other offices,” stated owner Dr. Tony Avakian. He and his team of medical professionals work with cases from dermatology to surgery and is one of the only podiatrists that does shoe fittings for his patients. “We treat everyone from children to the active seniors to provide anything they may need from proper shoe fittings to physical therapy,” commented Dr. Avakian. Along with his staff, they combine their years of experience to try and not give a cookie cutter approach for everybody while making sure they work with patients’ lifestyles. “Our belief is to educate our patients from prevention to treatments so that they are well informed prior to making a decision,” Dr. Avakian added. As part of his treatment plans, he strongly feels the patient and the doctor are a team and work together to come up with the best treatments. “I have found that getting a patients’ input seems to work really well for their overall health whether its treating a child’s heel pain with insoles or plantar fasciitis, we exhaust all conservative options before even thinking about surgery,” Dr. Avakian continued. As far as patients go, they are heard, and their treatments will reflect that.
At Valencia Foot & Ankle Center patients are always met with a warm and inviting welcome. Also, Dr. Avakian ensures there is adequate time during his appointments, so he is able to treat his patients more effectively. Here patients feel more like a person than a medical record number. “When you walk into our office you already get a sense that we are different, we like to provide an area that is less sterile and more comfortable,” Dr. Avakian added. For new patients he likes to allow them time to really delve into their history of the problem and from there he comes up with potential avenues to take along with what was not addressed in prior interventions. “Sometimes people come in that have been misdiagnosed and my job is to find plans that are more effective,” Dr. Avakian stated. As a leading medical professional in the Santa Clarita Valley, Dr. Avakian stays on top of the latest information in medical technology to add to his arsenal of information. “If there is something that I feel will be beneficial to our patients I delve deeper into it and ultimately decide to adopt it,” Dr. Avakian continued.
Valencia Foot and Ankle Center is located at 27875 Smyth Dr #100, Valencia, CA 91355, for more information on all things podiatry and sports medicine, please visit the website:



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