A Full Workup?

by | May 21, 2021 | Pet Services

I recently saw a case, where a young adult Labrador retriever was seen for occasional vomiting, but otherwise acting normally. Initially, the physical exam findings were unremarkable, and the owner opted to take the dog home and just get some medication for a possible “upset stomach”, since the dog was not showing any specific symptoms – appetite was good, active, alert, etc.
The dog did well at home, but after a few days there was some vomiting again and the dog now seemed a bit lethargic. Even though there were some financial constraints, it was necessary to do some diagnostic tests, including blood work, and give intravenous fluids to improve the hydration. The blood tests showed minor changes, mainly dehydration, but the major organ systems were ok.
Almost 24 hours passed with no vomiting and the dog was taking small amounts of a liquid diet, at which time there was a large amount of liquid vomit. Radiographs were taken and showed evidence of an obstruction.
The dog was taken to surgery and a piece of a corncob was found blocking the small intestine. It was removed and the pet made a full recovery. This case brings to mind that sometimes, the sooner you can do a full workup, the sooner you will have a diagnosis and resolve the problem.
VIP stands for Very Important Pets, and ALL pets are important! Whether a person owns a dog, cat, bird, reptile, rabbit, hamster or horses and other large animals, their pet is an integral part of their daily life and are considered part of the family. For this reason, VIP considers it a privilege to have people trust us with their pets. We are dedicated to providing the latest in veterinary medical and surgical techniques and care with the purpose of keeping pets healthy.
VIP Veterinary Services is located at 26111 Bouquet Canyon Rd., D-5 in Santa Clarita. For more information, please call 661-222-7387.

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