New Venue Space in Old Town Newhall – Hart & Main

by | May 22, 2021 | Old Town Newhall

For Hart & Main, paying homage to the longstanding mechanic’s garage was key when creating this new venue space. “When I first saw this space, I thought it was for sale, after learning it wasn’t, every few weeks I would stop by and check in with the owner; we ended up developing a friendship, where I acted as a resource for him while he got his affairs in order for retirement, naturally he sold the place to me and we want to make sure his legacy is remembered in the space,” commented Owner and Developer Robert Younkin.
Initially, the plan was to use their years of experience in real estate and construction to create a mixed-use building to include residential homes and retail spaces to go along with the aesthetic of Old Town Newhall. “We purchased this property in 2018 with an ideal of mixed unit development, however the lots here are pretty narrow and the neighbors were not willing to sell; so we focused on different ideas that evolved into something more akin to what we do…that is building a space to rent to people and from here, it has taken a life of its own.”
As the project continued, Robert and his wife and co-owner Lisa, enlisted the help of qualified individuals whose expertise in various disciplines have been advantageous to the overall end goal. “A lot of the people that we are connected to on this, have been long time associates and we felt they would add more value in completing this project because these were the people that would be more committed rather us using third parties,” Robert continued.
Since its inception, the Hart & Main team is working to provide a quality space that is not only beautiful in design but also able to host a variety of styles, so customers can realize their vision for a fabulous event. “Our design is flexible and keeps a level of sophistication where it is hip and cool enough to attract any style of event,” added Kim Williams, Designer and Landscaper.
From the design to the team, each detail has been carefully curated to ensure the customers’ needs are met and has garnered a following from the Santa Clarita community. “Looking at our business plan from a customers’ perspective has given us the opportunity to have a business that not only provides a beautiful space but something that has character and adds to the growth to the community,” continued Robert.
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