Plan Ahead With Early Registration at College of the Canyons!

by | May 1, 2021 | Community

As the country continues its massive vaccinations efforts against COVID-19, the light at the end of the tunnel continues to get brighter. Here at College of the Canyons, we are hopeful about the future and very excited to see our students. Our campuses just aren’t the same without them!
If you are the parent of a new or returning COC student, you will be relieved to know that we are hard at work to make sure we are ready to welcome our students back on campus when it is safe to do so.
One way we are preparing for a successful on-campus transition is by moving our registration periods earlier for the summer and fall semesters. Students can start registering for the summer semester on April 26 and the fall semester on May 24. That way, they can secure the courses they need and know that much for sure.
We have not had such an early registration period for 20 years! We have had registration set to start six weeks prior to the start of the term since the mid-2000s.
By moving our registration period earlier, students have more time over the summer to make decisions about what classes to take and make any necessary adjustments needed. They can reorganize their schedules and make childcare arrangements, for example. Once the semester starts, students will be ready to hit the ground running!
Giving students earlier access to classes also gives them a sense of certainty that their classes are set for the fall. This is needed during these uncertain times.
Despite all the changes we have faced during the past year, one thing that hasn’t changed at College of the Canyons is our commitment to prioritize student success.
For more information about registration and the classes we will be offering, please visit



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