Prepare Your Home and Family for Wildfires Monthly Message from the City Manager

by | May 22, 2021 | Community

Our community and City Council have worked diligently over the years to preserve the tens of thousands of acres of pristine open space that surrounds our City. While we all enjoy the sweeping views and opportunities to hike and mountain bike – the acres of dry brush also create the potential for wildfires.
We have already experienced several fires in the last few months. I want to express my gratitude to the men and women of the Los Angeles County Fire Department for their quick action and bravery, which protects homes, valuables and lives.
You can help our first responders battle wildfires by preparing your home and family for a potential fire. The best place to start is at to learn tips and crucial information to be Ready! Set! Go! “Ready” reminds you to harden your home by creating and maintaining a defensible space around your property that creates a fire break, protects your home from flying embers and allows room for firefighters to fight flames. “Set” is preparing your family for a possible evacuation. Make sure you have necessary supplies and important documents in an easily accessible spot. “Go” is getting out when public safety officials give the word. By leaving early, you will give your family the best chance
of surviving a wildfire. You also help firefighters by keeping roads clear of congestion, enabling them to move more freely throughout the neighborhood and protect your home.
Wildfires are a year-round occurrence in the Santa Clarita Valley, but with the hot, dry summer conditions, the fire risk is elevated. By following these important tips, you can help protect your loved ones, property and help our brave firefighters safely do their job.



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