Reinventing Time

by | May 1, 2021 | With Your Family in Mind

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back in time to do things differently or invent more time to use how we want? Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury; once a second passes, it’s gone forever. Knowing how to use time wisely is an art. We have come to believe that the best use of time is being productive and multi-tasking. We get joy from keeping busy all the time. As soon as we add a checkmark to our to-do list, we move onto the next task.
In the past year, we all “discovered” more time and felt like it was a perfect opportunity to get “caught up”, to finally improve an old skill, to learn a new language, or start a new project. How many chose to just relax and savor each moment?
I personally saw it as an opportunity to do more, but sometimes even busying myself with fun activities may have the opposite effect and add stress to my life. There is something called “toxic productivity”. Who am I trying to impress? Is every single one of my activities necessary and enjoyable?
Finding balance between productivity and relaxation takes effort. We must carve out time for what we enjoy so we don’t feel exhausted and fatigued. Of course, doing things is an essential part to our human existence, but so is doing nothing. It is important to recharge before the stress affects our mental health and our relationships. We need to take the opportunity to restore ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. It gives us a sense of control over our lives.
By “finding” time for the relaxation, we show ourselves self-care and love. Turn off the noise, take time to enjoy lunch, take a long bath, take long walks, read, study, paint, meditate, pray, or write in a journal. There are many ways to center ourselves and renew our energy. It’s essential that we reevaluate our time and actually value it. Life is not a dress rehearsal; this is it! Be mindful of the time you spend. Make it a routine to find balance and rest until simplicity becomes effortless. Living a simpler life is a gift. Unwrap it daily. Your mind and body will thank you for it.
Naomi Young is an educator of Jewish studies and a Bar/ Bat mitzvah tutor in Santa Clarita for 38 years. She’s also a published writer and an artist. Contact her at Visit her art website at



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