The Voice of the Mediterranean – Bella Cucina

by | May 1, 2021 | Dining, Arts & Entertainment

Bella Cucina has been known for creating delectable recipes with a world class infusion of flavors. From the dishes to the cocktails and wine choices, Bella Cucina works to make sure their customers get a dining experience like no other. This family owned and operated restaurant is now open for dine-in and welcomes their customers with socially distanced open arms. With a world-class approach to dining, Bella Cucina invites you to try some of Chef Toumadi’s new creations. Creations such as the Voice of The Mediterranean. This is a fusion of Sicilian flavors with a Mediterranean touch. It is made with organic vegetables: asparagus, peas, carrots, crushed pepper zucchini, orange peel, scallions, fig, and sugar tomatoes, that are sautéed with spices and then tossed with soy sauce with glazed vinegar. This dish is only available at Bella Cucina visit the restaurant today.
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