The War on Weeds

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Home & Garden

A great scribe once wrote, “In the event of a nuclear holocaust, two species would certainly survive: cockroaches and Bermuda Grass.” If you have ever tried to eliminate either of these pests from your property, you would most likely agree. While there are a great number of products that will combat the cockroach, the control of Bermuda Grass has been a seemingly unsurmountable challenge.
Bermuda Grass is a creeping, narrow-bladed grass that can invade and conquer any sunny area within one growing season. It is often called “Devil Grass” and for good reason. Certainly it is what the devil has planted down under.
Bermuda Grass has a very deep and extensive underground root. This makes pulling the weed a very exasperating and unsuccessful means of elimination. The use of a commercial weed killer may prove more effective in the control of Bermuda Grass, but generally it will also kill desirable lawn grasses.
There are excellent products available for the removal of broadleaf weeds in a lawn area. There are also products which can take grasses out of flower and shrub areas. Additionally, products are available which can kill everything that they come in contact with. None of these products, however, have been successful in controlling Bermuda Grass in turf.
Several years ago, a product called Turflon was registered for use in California. This product can control Bermuda and Kikuyugrass in turf. This means you can spray your lawn and control the grassy type weeds that invade it.
Kikuyugrass is another horrible weed grass that invades our lawns. Quite often it is brought in on the gardener’s mower or seeds can blow in. Turflon should be effective in controlling both unwanted grasses.
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