Join Us In the Barn This September – SRD Straightening Reins

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Kids Activities

Bipolar disorder effects so many families and SRD Straightening Reins is here to offer a service to help these families navigate through the challenges. We understand that caring for a child or teenager with bipolar disorder can be stressful for parents and families. Coping with a child’s mood episodes and other problems—such as short tempers and risky behaviors—can challenge any caregiver. Mental health professionals state it is important that caregivers take care of themselves, too. Find someone you can talk to or consult your health care provider about support groups. Finding support and strategies for managing stress can help you and your child.
To show aid our community, SRD Straightening Reins is offering a support group called Parenting in the Barn. Join us every Wednesday for the month of September from 7p.m. to the SRD Ranch where parents and families can learn age-appropriate boundaries and healthy communication while amongst people and professionals who can really understand your circumstances. This group is FREE thanks to the generous donation of the Foster Family Foundation, and donations are always welcomed.
No matter what is going on with your family, your child, your spouse, please always remember to take care of you.
For more information, please email Deborah Rocha: or give us a call: 661-803-1641.




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