The Way It’s Supposed To Be

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Community

A few weeks ago, students returned to campuses five days a week full time for the first time since March 13, 2020. And while it is a little different than it was the last time students were on campus full time five days a week, there’s more that’s the same than different. Classes are full of students, students are engaged in learning by doing, students are working in groups, teachers and students are smiling (though this is through their masks), amazing instruction is happening, there is nonstop conversations and connections being made during passing periods, there is excitement about learning, parking lots on campuses are full, friends are hanging out at brunch and lunch, experiments are being done, memories are being made for stories that will be told when these students are adults, and so, so much more. While it is not perfect, it is the way it’s supposed to be and such a joy to see.
I know we are not exactly back to the normal of the pre-pandemic days, and there are pieces we are still learning and still getting better as we adjust to the current reality, but I also know that this is right. This is how it is supposed to be on our campuses. I am so grateful for our getting to this place. My hope is that we are able to continue on this journey to get back to better than normal was. There is a lot we learned in the last year and we will use that to continue to meet the diverse needs of our students during this still uncertain time. I want to thank our families for your continued trust in the Hart District and your continued grace in what are still times of continual change. And while no one wants to wear masks, we have to inside. I am so proud of our students for making that requirement easy for us. They are doing a wonderful job and I thank our Hart District families for complying with this as it will make a difference in our future on campus.
It is indeed wonderful to have our students and staff back on campus. And while we know this story is not over yet, I am taking this moment to smile through my mask and hope you do to. Schools are alive the way they should be. This is a time to celebrate. I look forward to continuing our story together. I am always available to you at



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