Outliers Toastmasters Chapter Inclusive of Everyone Welcoming New Members – Join Us in Building Speaking Abilities and Confidence

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Community

I was introduced and called to the podium. I had not planned exactly what I was going to say. I had a beginning and a theme. I looked out at the hundreds of people seated in the large room, seeing in their eyes their need for reassurance. My husband in the front row knew my training and skills, for he depended on me to support him as his business manager. He nodded to me, knowing I would deliver, giving me that “You got this” look.
I started with a story. Our son was twelve, and I was picking him up from our local park where there had been an afternoon dance event for kids in his age group. I asked the inevitable question “how was the dance?” He wasn’t a shy boy; he described how he had danced with a couple of girls. However, his friend who went with him was shy, so our son walked with him up to a girl and said, “this is his first time…will you dance with him?” It was so like our son to ease people through a new experience. His longtime friends from high school in the audience smiled, nodding in agreement.
The event was our son’s funeral. He passed at the age of fifty from congestive heart failure. Not an easy event for a mom to deliver a speech.
I have been a member of Toastmasters in two different clubs over the years. I credit Toastmasters with my speaking skills and giving me the confidence to deliver bad news, good news, training. I advanced through job titles, eventually becoming a director-level manager at one of LA’s major film studios, then certifying as a Project Manager.
In interviews being able to say “I am an active member in Toastmasters” supports my resume. How can you become fearless in public speaking? “Kick the door down” by joining our Outliers Toastmasters Club. We have members of all types, with various impediments. We will guide you through the brief Toastmasters Pathways lessons that you will study on-line, listen to your speech delivery for each assignment at our Thursday evening meetings at 6:30pm, cheer you on, evaluate what you did well, and suggest ways to improve for the next assignment. We are not in competition with each other – we grow together. Don’t fly solo! Join a group that honors you and your achievements by contacting our VP of Education Tom Iland: tom@thomasiland.com or 661-313-3323.


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