Buying artificial plants is so easy.  They come in a large assortment of varieties and always look very attractive when they are new.  They are shiny.  They are dust and dirt free.  They look very real.  They can be very inexpensive or very expensive and can be purchased in many different types of stores.


After your artificial plants have been in your home for some months, dust and dirt build-up begin to appear on your artificial plants.  They lose their shine and begin to look old and unattractive.  They no longer look real but very “artificial.”

It is possible to take a dry soft cloth and clean each and every leaf of your artificial plant.  This works, but takes an extremely long time and most people only do this type of cleaning once because of time constraints.

You can also buy expensive sprays that you spray on your plants and it is supposed to make them shiny and new again.  These sprays are very drippy.  You will need to have a cloth or something covering the ground because the spray will drip from the plants.  They also do not clean off the dust and dirt they just disguise it for a little while.  The dirt and dust shows through sooner or later.

There is a simpler way to clean your artificial plants.  Most artificial plants are very resilient and will look new again with the following procedure.  The easiest and quickest way to clean artificial plants is to use plain water.  The ideal way is to take the plants outside and spray with a hose.  Make sure the water pressure isn’t too high.  You aren’t trying to blast the plants, just clean them.  Remove the plants from their container, if they remove easily.  If not, just spray away from the container.  It takes less than a minute to clean most artificial plants.  After spraying, shake the plant and allow drying in the sunshine.  If you are unable to use a hose outside, the bathtub or shower is the next best place.  Most small plants can even be submerged in water without hurting them.  Even most silk plants work well with water and spraying.

Testing a plant to see if it will clean well with a water spray is easy.  Take off a leaf in an inconspicuous place on the plant.  Run it under tap water.  Shake and let dry.  If it looks good to you, the entire artificial plant will clean well the same way.

It works well to set specific months or weeks and clean all of your artificial plants at the same time.  Once you are in the mood and cleaning them, you might as well clean them all.  Experiment and find the way that works best for you.

Most artificial plants need to be cleaned well at least every three to six months.  For in between cleaning, a feather duster or one that is comparable works well.  Just lightly go over the plants with the duster.  Buy a duster that does not lose its feathers or other materials easily.  Happy artificial plant cleaning!