Once your baby is moving around, it will become absolutely necessary for you to make sure your home is safe.  Of course, the best way to keep baby safe is to make sure that you always know where baby is and what she is doing.

When you begin to think about childproofing, you can either hire a professional who will come to your house and install all the devices or you can purchase the devices yourself at a hardware store or baby store.

The best way to begin is by crawling around on the floor and seeing what your baby sees and can reach.  It is very important to note that the following guide is a starting point only.  As your baby grows, your needs may change.  You will need to constantly ask yourself if there is anything else you need to change, move and so on.

Make sure all cords for window treatments (shades, blinds, and so on) are wound up out of baby’s reach.

Make sure that stairs are gated closed.  Do not use movable gates at the top of the stairs.  More than one baby has been known to be able to eventually push these right over.

* Once your baby is standing, lower crib mattress to the lowest setting.
* Put outlet covers on all outlets.
* Move cleaning supplies and chemicals to a high, locked cabinet.
* Secure all cabinets in kitchen and bathroom with childproof locks.  Even something as seemingly harmless as a cotton ball or toothpaste could be harmful to a baby or young child.
* Consider toilet locks that are easy for adults to use, but difficult for children to open.
* Never leave buckets out when cleaning.  A child can drown in an inch of water.
* Turn down the temperature on a hot water heater to avoid scalds and burns.
* Consider oven and refrigerator locks.
* Secure any bookcases or funiture to the wall so that they do not tip over easily.  Children love to try and climb up bookcases and wall units.
* If you have tables or a hearth with sharp edges, buy edge cushioning to soften the blow of a fall.
* Be vigilant about watching for choking hazards.  If you have other children, make sure they keep toys with small pieces far away from baby.
* Always turn pot handles in so that your baby cannot pull a hot pot down on herself.
* Put silverware in the dishwasher blade side down and always keep the dishwasher locked.

As your child begins walking, running and climbing, you will need to re-evaluate your childproofing.  The best defense is constant supervision.  A toddler can do a lot of damage while you run upstairs to get something.  Always remember that.

Source: www.Baby.com