Dear Designer – My name is Mike.  My partner and I live in Valencia, at the Woodlands.  We moved in just a few months ago and are just getting around to buying furniture.  My partner Tom has a flare for design and I must say he’s very talented.  He did our former condo and everyone that saw it, loved it.  I on the other hand really know nothing about the art of interior design and try to stay out of the whole design process.  Well, you’re probably asking yourself then what’s the problem.  Normally, I would just let Tom work his fabulous magic and just stay out of it, but this house is a short term investment and I want to make sure that its done right, so that its easy to sell.  Tom thinks it would be nice to have different themes through the house.  He wants the living room to look like something Jean Harlow would have and the kitchen in farmhouse/country.  What do you, the professional, think about all this?  I look forward to your response and suggestions.  Thanks – Mike

Hi Mike, I enjoyed reading your letter that you sent in.  It sounds like your partner Tom is very talented.  You raise a very valid concern about the flow of the house.  This is particularly important due to the fact that the home is an investment and not just for your own enjoyment.

I, as a designer, feel that a home should have a constant flow, not just inside, but from the second you pull up to the curb.  The style and colors should flow from the landscape and exterior of the home to the inside.  Colors and styles should always transition from room to room.  Now, it’s perfectly fine to combine more than one style, as long as its done right.  The style of your home at the Woodlands is Spanish Tuscan or Cape Cod depending on your particular model, so go with the style of the homes exterior and transition that style inside with an eclectic twist, like Art Deco or Rustic Country.  When the time comes to sell, this will allow the potential buyer to get a better feel of the home and the home will feel complete and larger because each space flows in with the next.
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