A pressure washer can be a great tool.  They are an excellent method of washing or cleaning many types of surfaces that would be very hard to get clean the traditional way.  But be careful – these washers are aptly named.

The spray from pressure washers is so strong that they’re commonly used to remove flaking paint from houses in preparation for new paint.  That is one reason you should always be careful when using pressure washers on painted surfaces.  If you want the paint to stay on, make sure that you are far enough away from the surface and make sure to test a small inconspicuous area first.

Many people use pressure washers on the siding on homes and mobile homes.  Siding that is old and stained can look new again with the strength of the water mixed with the correct cleaning agents.  And it is very easy to do.  All you do is point and spray.  However, you may need to run clean water over it to rinse.

Many places will rent out pressure washers if you don’t need one often enough to warrant a purchase.  However, you should check prices before you rent, because sometimes the cost to rent one is very close to the cost to buy one.  It could be smarter to buy, use and sell.  You may think about buying used.  If you find a washer that has a good motor but has a leaky hose, don’t despair, you can get replacement parts at almost any automotive supply store or retailers who sell pressure washers.

If you’re planning to do the work yourself, choose a small, inconspicuous spot for your first test.  Remember that your water pressure to your house doesn’t have a tremendous impact on the amount of pressure you’ll get from your washer.  A typical washer can cut into wood and dent aluminum.  If your machine has optional settings, start on the lowest pressure.

In addition to renting and buying options, some businesses will carry out the pressure washing for you and bring their pressure washers to you for the task.  All you have to do is tell them what you need done and when.  This is good because you don’t need to do any of the work, and there is no liability for the washers on your part.  And you don’t have to read any directions, instructions or manuals.  And it may or may not be cost efficient, depending on the company and your other available options.

Whether you buy, rent or hire someone, pressure washers can really get the grime shifted.  Whatever you are cleaning you are bound to like the results.  Most people are really amazed at the force these things can exert.  The downfall is that you’ll never look at your garden hose the same way again.