The benefits of a water conditioning system from Santa Clarita Water Conditioning are:

• Provides great tasting, fresh water from every faucet

• Removes chlorine, bad taste and odor from water

• Tames hard water, without the unhealthy addition of sodium (salt) or potassium

• Leaves beneficial minerals in the water (softeners strip minerals out of the water)

• Realigns mineral molecules so water cleans better; for softer skin, silkier hair and cleaner laundry  

• Reduces lime scale and corrosion damage to pipes and using appliances that use water.

• Cleaning products are more effective and longer lasting

• A self-cleaning water conditioning system that frees you from maintenance worries; eliminating the high maintenance costs that other water systems require

Does Santa Clarita Water Conditioning install these units?  

Yes, we believe we have the best-trained installers in the industry.  We have years of experience and we will consult with you on the perfect system for your home and familys’ needs at no charge.  If you would prefer to install the systems yourself, we sell a complete line of water conditioning products, including reverse osmosis systems from our Valencia location.

As an added incentive to purchase a water conditioner, the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts is offering a 100 percent buy back program on water softeners.  We at Santa Clarita Water Condition would love to earn your business.  We are locally-owned and operated.  Come check us out.  We have many satisfied customers who love our products and we know your family will love them too.  

Our motto speaks for itself, “Clean water, Safer environment.”  Come see us today at either of our two locations.

For more information, please call 661-259-1536, visit our showroom at 28130 Avenue Crocker, Suite 309, Valencia or our website .