Summer.  It’s hot.  If I keep my drapes closed all day, it is depressing.  I want the sunshine.  But it’s hot.  My plastic vertical blinds are starting to yellow.  I love the sun, but the sun doesn’t love my window coverings and it’s hot.  What do I do?

Beautiful white plantation shutters are the perfect solution for your windows.  Shutters have been around for centuries.  They started out with immovable louvers and were made out of marble.  The main purpose of these early shutters was keeping out the direct sunlight while allowing for a breeze.  They also kept rain from coming in the window.  As the centuries rolled on, shutters began being made of wood and eventually were equipped with adjustable louvers.  Now the light of the sun could be directed.  Direct sunlight could be simultaneously deflected away from the home while allowing some light to perhaps be aimed at the ceiling or perhaps the floor.  Once the sun was past, the louvers could be opened wide or the shutters could be opened up fully.  

Today, the best shutters are made from basswood.  This dense, lightweight wood is extremely durable and energy efficient.  When painted white, these ultimate window coverings deflect and reflect a very high amount of the sun’s heat and energy.  But the very versatility of the shutters makes it possible to still enjoy the light of summer.  Also consider, getting shutters with a split tilt rod.  This allows the bottom half of your shutters to remain closed while the top half directs light up to wash your ceiling with moodlifting light.  

So don’t close your home down just because it is hot.  Don’t look at your yellowing plastic verticals again and cringe.  Do consider the pinnacle of window coverings by ordering your brand new, white, solid wood plantation shutters today.

The finest shutters can be yours at prices you can afford and in only two weeks.

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