I just love the summer.  It’s a time when we can get out on our boat and enjoy the weather with our best friends.  Our four best friends just happen to have four legs and some funny names.  Sausage, Tutz, Spanish and Delilah are our four family dogs.  They go everywhere with us.  In the summer we love to take the dogs on the boat and enjoy the sun as much as possible.  Just as we need to protect our skin and hair from the sun, your family dogs also need protection.  By using the right shampoo and /or conditioner followed by a paw conditioner, you can help protect your four-legged friends from a summer spent itching and the discomfort of fur matting.


With so many brands on the market selling so many features and protections, how does anyone know where to begin?  A good place to start is with health concerns.  Is your animal allergic to any particular brands or ingredients?  If so, as always, read all labels extensively before purchasing or applying anything to your animal.
Next are chemicals and smells.  I enjoy a soft scent for my dogs with not a lot of fragrance and no harsh chemicals, preferably organic.  A particular brand that fits all my needs is NuHemp botanicals.  In their line, they offer a two-in-one shampoo with oatmeal, a three-in-one shampoo with oatmeal, as well as a Tree-Tar shampoo for animals with skin and coat problems.  The oatmeal helps condition your pets skin and gives the fur a nice shiny luster.  Whichever shampoo works best for you, it is always good to follow a shampoo with a conditioner.  Light and moistening conditioners enrich your pet’s skin.  With organic ingredients that help reduce dandruff and protect the coat against static, matting and moisture depletion, NuHemp offers Omega Gleam conditioner with oatmeal.  Sausage, my dog, is a Llhaso-Apso Terrier mix.  Long with soft curls, when it grows out, Sauce has the most beautiful mane of fur/hair.  I love to keep it long, but dread the upkeep it needs.  I am happy to say that by using the three-in-one shampoo as well as the Omega Gleam, I was able to keep Sauce’s coat long for an extra month this summer.  He finally got shaved in June.  Something he only appreciates after it’s done and he’s returned home.

Spanish, my sister’s dog, has a whole set of paw issues. She runs and runs and runs.  She loves to chase things and hunt insects.  I love to watch her stalk grasshoppers in the grass.  She reminds me of a lioness hunting on the Savannah.  Well, her poor little paws just get so scratched up and dry, they crack.  I’ve found that the NuHemp PAWZitive Therapy Conditioning and Protection Stick has been a Godsend for us.  A simple daily application of the stick has shown a dramatic increase in Spanish’s playtime.  With soothed paws, she can now run, play and walk twice as long.  I have not quite figured out if this is a blessing or a curse, but I sure know she loves it.  You can see it in her face.