Sometimes you may get fuzzy black or green spots on a bathroom wall or in the kitchen table.  This most probably is mildew, the name for all the spores that are a health hazard and a nightmare to the owner.  When it gets to the walls and ceilings, it is hard to remove it.  This task is moderately easy.

Walls: The first thing that you have to do is to wear rubber or latex gloves.  You can spray them with a solution of half a cup of chlorine bleach, one-third cup powder laundry detergent and one gallon hot water.  Start applying from the base to the upper parts of the wall.  You can gently remove the surface mildew with the use of a plastic scrubber sponge. With this sponge, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.  When it gets dry apply paint with anti-mildew agent in order not to do it again soon.

Ceilings: Here are also some things that you can do for the ceilings.  You have to wear rubber or latex gloves.  Dip a sponge in a bucket full of half a cup of chlorine bleach, one-third a cup of power laundry detergent and one gallon of hot water.  It is good to squeeze out the excess.  Stand on a stepladder and gently scrub the affected areas.  After that fill the bucket with fresh water and rinse thoroughly with a scrubber sponge.  The last thing that you have to do is to apply an anti-mildew paint when it gets dry.

Be careful not to drip a solution on the carpeting or the floor.  You can prevent mildew by using exhaust fans while cooking and showering.  In order to decrease humidity, open the windows regularly.

When cleaning with bleach always wear rubber gloves.  Be certain that the room is well ventilated in order to avoid the hazardous bleach fumes.

The things that you are going to need are anti-mildew paint, plastic spray bottle, chlorine bleach, rubber or latex gloves, stepladder, plastic scrubber sponge, power laundry detergent and a bucket.