Unlike ordinary beds, waterbeds usually require various types of accessories like heaters, waterbed conditioner, pumps, cleaners, massagers, rail caps, patch kits, mattresses and other embellishments that are specifically made for these types of bed.  Due to the nature of their design these beds require special attention especially when it comes to the maintenance and preservation of the bed.  A waterbed needs to be drained from time to time using special faucet and drain kits.  The mattresses can also become intolerably cold especially during the winter or rainy season.  Thus, most owners invest in a mattress heater to keep their beds warm or at just the right temperature.

Special frames and covers are available that are exclusively made to suit waterbeds.  These beds are heavier than regular mattresses and therefore require frames that are sturdy and durable.  Mattress covers need to be well-fitted and puncture-proof.  It is also important to remember that waterbed sheets are longer than standard bedding.

Another useful accessory most owners consider is a waterbed pump.  There are electric pumps that you can find in the market that make draining and refilling quicker and lot more convenient.  Water inside the bed can become a breeding ground for bacteria and molds if not regularly treated.  A waterbed conditioner will help in keeping the water inside your bed clean and odor free.  Using a conditioner is very important especially if you don’t have the time to drain your bed regularly.  Applying a conditioner at least once every six months will prevent formation of bacteria and algae inside your mattress.  It can also protect your bed mattress vinyl from perishing and decaying.

Waterbed conditioner is put inside your mattress to treat the mattress from within.  You should add it every time you refill your mattress and at six month-intervals for the best results.  You should look for conditioners that are a mix of algaecide and vinyl conditioners, this combination will prevent bacteria and algae from building up inside your mattress and they’ll also condition the vinyl on the inside of the mattress.