Protecting your home with a home security system which includes cameras and on-site security guards is extremely costly, and usually beyond the means of most homeowners.  But given the price you might have to pay in stolen or destroyed property, or harm to you and your family if you are unlucky enough to be the victims of a home invasion, there are very few things which will offer you a greater payoff than an investment in a home security alarm.

A home security alarm will activate both a siren and yard lights when it detects unusual motion or a successful intrusion, and also contact your local law enforcement, or the company which monitors your home security alarm who will then notify the police.  But the siren and lights are usually enough to discourage would-be intruders.

Look for High-Tech Motion Sensors

A home security alarm will be equipped with motion sensors that detect the presence of intruders and warn the home’s residents.  Some home security alarms will warn of motion occurring from a radius of up to thirty-five feet away from the home, but others will only warn of motion inside the house when the intruder has already made a successful entry.  If an intruder should make it into your house and remain undeterred even when your alarm sounds, you need to be ready with plan B.

A home security alarm, unless it has motion sensors capable of detecting the weight and body heat of the source of movement, may sound when your pets or wild animals are active in your yard.  While there are such motion sensors available, homeowners who can afford them opt for security cameras or security guards to avoid the nuisance of false security alarms.
Use Those Yard Signs and Decals

One way in which a homeowner can avoid false alarms is by situating the home security alarm in the places most likely to be the focus of intruders, their house’s windows and doors.  And home security alarm companies will supply the homeowner with yard signs and window decals to notify would-be intruders that the home is protected.

A survey of convicted burglars indicated that 90 percent of them avoided homes which displayed yard signs and decals from a home security company. While they seem like small things, the fact that they were a deterrent to so many burglars is an indication of how important having a home security alarm can be.  But if you want even more of a deterrent for your home, consider installing faux security cameras on its exterior.