Once the backyard is complete and the pool installed, it’s time to create a maintenance plan.  With the proper care and precautions, homeowners can help make their pool last longer.  California Pools offers a few suggestions to prolong the life of the backyard oasis.



Pool Cleaners:

There are several different types of pool vacuums available for pool owners.  The two most common options are suction cleaners and pressure cleaners.  A suction cleaner is attached to the existing plumbing and moves randomly or automatically around the pool. The movement is created by a device that gives a start and stop pulsing of water.  The other option, a pressure cleaner, is attached to the return side of the circulation system and is powered by the pool pump.  Both options are a great way to keep the pool clean and ready for fun at all times.

Salt Systems:


Salt water pool systems are another option for pool owners.  The salt water eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and eliminates the source of irritation that plagues swimmers in most pools.  The system uses the salt to create the chlorine needed to maintain the pool.  The water does not taste salty because it requires only 3,000 parts per million whereas the ocean is 20,000 ppm.

Proper Care:

There are several other ways to maintain the upkeep of a pool.  This includes brushing the pool on a weekly basis.  This means manually scrubbing the surface of the pool to keep any dirt from adhering to the plaster.  In addition, the chlorine, PH and alkalinity levels should be tested on a weekly basis.  California Pools also suggests having a yearly complete water analysis done by a professional pool company.  They also suggest if the pool has ceramic tile and grout to use a tile cleaning solution a few times a year.

The longevity of a pool is dependent on how the homeowner treats it.  California Pools and Spas hopes this article will give you a better idea of how to maintain and care for your pool.  If you have questions about these topics or need any other pool-related advice, California Pools and Spas is the smart choice to provide the answers.

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