As the temperature rises in Santa Clarita and electric bills soar, the need for energy efficiency is more pronounced.  In addition, at a time when the housing market seems to be slowing, with people staying in their homes longer, more people are making home improvements.  It is good to know that there is a window treatment that addresses both these needs.  That treatment is plantation shutters.  

Interior shutters have a timeless beauty that has been appreciated for centuries.  Originally designed simply to protect against the natural elements, plantation shutters have since been recognized as the pinnacle of window covering options.  They now fill the category of beauty as well as protection.  A multi-faceted treatment that fits any décor, interior shutters are affordable luxury with a highly energy-efficient design.  

Energy efficiency is on the minds of almost everybody these days and wood interior shutters are an excellent choice.  They have an insulation factor that helps reduce the amount of heat that enters the home through windows.  With the versatility of a shutter, you can also control the amount of light entering the room.  Additionally, the reflective property of the traditional white color, the most popular color for interior shutters, helps reduce the heat intrusion to an even greater extent.  

Shutters have long been recognized as a blue chip investment with a beauty and functionality that instantly upgrades the look of any home.  High quality wood shutters, when installed properly add exceptional architectural style and help control light, sound and temperature.  More and more homeowners are recognizing the impact of plantation shutters on home appraisals and in today’s competitive housing market.  Plus, when you install shutters on your windows and sliding glass doors, you will never need to replace them.  Quality wood shutters last the lifetime of your home.  In fact, surveys within the window coverings industry indicate that adding value to the home is the number two reason why homeowners put shutters in their windows.  The number one reason  being aesthetics.  Interior shutters are a beautiful investment.

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