Fridays have this uncanny ability to make me feel sleepy and lethargic.  But the reason why I am feeling very sleepy (it’s a Friday) and not to mention lethargic is because I did not sleep properly last night.  This is slowly becoming a routine, not getting to sleep properly at night.  My friend is a doctor, so I had a talk with him about this, and he says that I am not the only one facing this insomnia problem and this is turning out to be rampant.  Swimming pools are one means that I can try out for inducing relaxing sleep at night, he said.  Now I was stumped, swimming pool and sleep what connection is there?  Apparently there was a medical study conducted by doctors and it was found that sitting in hot tubs and swimming pools at the end of tiring day can induce sound sleep.


Now the best way to sit, lounge and relax in a swimming pool or hot tub is to get one installed in the privacy of your own house.  The advantages and benefits of installing a swimming pool at your place is many and unless you actually get one installed you will not come to know the full utility and benefit of a pool.  The first and the most obvious benefit for a swimming pool owner is undoubtedly rest and relaxation for him, his family and close friends.  Other than inducing sound sleep, exercising in swimming pools has been found to be medically beneficial in many other ways as well.  There are several health conditions such as pain in the joints and arthritis that can be effectively cured by doing hydrotherapy, i.e. exercise in water.

Hydrotherapy is increasingly being used by leading athletes from all over the world to rest and get rid of muscle tensions and enhance their performance levels.  A swimming pool installed is just ideal for people who are recovering from any physical injuries.  The cool waters in the swimming pool can actually relax and ease out the tension in parts of the body where the person is experiencing pain and discomfort.  Kids love to play in water and if you allow them to play to their heart’s content in the swimming pool, you will be the most loved person around.  You can relax and hang out in the swimming pool with your family and teach your children to swim.  Teaching them to swim at such an early age will surely be beneficial for them in the long run.

Swimming pool safety is another factor that you must keep in mind if you have young kids at home.  Never leave them unattended in the poolside, even for a few seconds, because you never know when an accident can happen and it’s better to be cautious.