The faucet has certainly earned a substantial place in today’s kitchen.  There are as many as three in a mid-size kitchen, which in turn contributes to a highly visible aesthetic landscape.  

Location one: The clean-up sink faucet.  This one would be highly used and in a prime location at the clean-up station.  Rohl came out with a fabulous bridge mixer accompanied by a hand spray, very suitable for this station’s application.  An area such as this has the weight to handle a substantial faucet.

Location two: The prep sink faucet.  We prefer a single lever here, a lean line with the functional pull-down faucet.  Much less intrusive and perfect for the prep area, which more often than not is on an island, so you need not take up precious counter space with an over-bearing faucet.

Location three:  The often over-looked pot-filler.  Displayed ever so efficiently behind the cook top, this one is a workhorse.  You can fill the pot full of water right on the cook top itself.  Today, the pot-fillers have up to a 20-inch reach.

The most popular finishes are still stainless steel and brushed nickel, but you need not always follow the trend.  Stick with the most suitable design for your kitchen.  There was a huge trend towards living finishes, which has diminished somewhat, but none-the-less a wonderful choice if you wanted a more rustic or “charming cottage” feel.

Purified or filtered, hot and chilled water used to be a special request but now it’s a standard request.  The new item, not yet released, is the introduction of dispensing carbonated water, the healthy alternative to soft drinks.  Water, water everywhere and why not?  It’s fresh, clean and sanitary and drinking tap water will minimize the potential damage to our environment by reducing the consumption of plastic bottles that contain water.

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