It’s that time of year again.  The time of year when the mall is emptied by all the kids who have been hanging out there all summer.  The time when the end of summer fires start to die down.  The time when it is finally tolerable to be outdoors for longer than a few minutes at a time.  Fall is here.  


The fall season is a perfect time to finish up those exterior home maintenance projects you have been putting off because of the heat.  A great place to start is with exterior cleaning and/or pressure washing.  This will clean the surfaces enough to show you what needs to be painted, and what areas might only need a touch up.  This will also reveal many potential problems, including rotten siding, missing roof shingles, bad caulking, peeling paint, broken windows, etc.  The majority of these issues can be solved with proper preparation and quality products.  It is crucial that you do not skimp on this step, or you will find yourself with the same problem again and again.  Once all potential problems have been taken care of, you can move on to painting.  And don’t stop at the exterior of your home.  Check all painted surfaces such as fences, patio covers, pergolas, etc.  Remember, once the rainy season starts, you won’t be able to work on these projects for a while.  Now is the time to take care of the exteriors.   

Fall is also a great time to start turning your focus to the interior of your home.  It’s a great time to open windows to let some of that cooler fresh air in; to give your home that concentrated, deep dusting and vacuuming it has needed for several months; and to freshen up each room.  Similar to the exterior of your home, there is a difference between a complete repaint and touch ups.  Carefully examine your walls and trim to find holes, nicks, scratches and damaged paint.  Once you see the extent of the damage, you can then decide whether you need to touch up these areas, or if you need to completely repaint the walls.  Or if you just want a change of color, you can use those high heels you just bought to put a few more marks on the wall while your husband isn’t looking!

Whether your fall focus is exterior or interior, it is a great time to refresh your home before we approach the holiday season.  

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