Part 10 in a series of 10 most fortunate events

Part 1:  Understanding what you want will create an accurate sense of expectation.

Part 2:  The Excavation process requires that all aspects are properly managed to ensure that you are insulated against undue stress and burdens.

Part 3:  The stage of steel installation provides the ribs, frame and strength for the pool.

Part 4:  Gunite placement is a process in which tons of concrete is shot to form the shell of your pool.

Part 5:  Delivery of materials ushers in the stage of masonry work.  This is a labor-intensive portion of your project, the most time-consuming and the most rewarding.

Part 6:  Delivery and installation of equipment.  Energy utility companies will offer you, the consumer, rebates for qualifying products installed as part of your pool project equipment.

Part 7:  Plaster your pool.  After plaster and during the next 10-day period, the pool needs to be brushed, three to four times a day to loosen the plaster dust.  This is a key ingredient to give a very smooth plaster finish.

Part 8:  The final selection of who wins the contract for your pool project is your statement that you have confidence that a particular company has the experience and knowledge required to manage resources and money to your advantage.
Part 9:  Ensure that an organization’s abilities are adequate to complete a major construction project by requesting references, both previous and current clients, and financial.

Part 10 in a series of 10:  Completion of your pool project has been a journey and experience.  The responsibility for the level of comfort rests on the shoulders of both the contractor of your project and you, the homeowner.  Honest and direct communication should reflect a genuine interest for accurate information and fairness.  You and the builder are a team.  This involves cooperation for the experience to be satisfactory and rewarding.  What do you want and expect in the process of building your pool?  SCV Pools stands ready, willing and able to be on your team.

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