Luscious Soul 124262 Main Street
Bred in the mind of a creative woman from an artistic family, Luscious Soul is a marriage between the classic European lifestyle and the minimalist cool of California. Owner Kelly has over eight years of retail experience and Luscious Soul has been in business for more than three years.

She seeks to ignite all senses and leave customers inspired, a goal that she effortlessly accomplishes through her quaint boutique. Luscious Soul exudes a timeless elegance and carries a unique line of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products. If you’re a unique individual who loves the bohemian chic lifestyle, Luscious Soul is the ideal place for you. They are guaranteed to have one of a kind finds that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe or home décor. The friendly staff is always more than willing to help you pick out the perfect dress or the cutest accent piece for your coffee table. Mention The Magazine of Santa Clarita the next time you’re in there for 10 percent off $100. Follow Luscious Soul on Instagram at @luscioussoul and be sure to like them on Facebook at for all of the latest info! To find out more, visit their website at or call 661-799-7685.