One of the biggest trends in home décor is vintage pieces. Interior decorators are currently obsessed with everything vintage, from books to artwork to even tables.

Luckily, you don’t have to go out a find décor that is actually from the 1920s. Faux vintage pieces give you the illusion of age at half the price! With intentional wear and tear and perfectly replicated styling, you’ll be able to fool even your most attentive friends into thinking you shelled out big bucks for that vintage lamp- even if it cost you next to nothing!
If you’re looking for that perfect sentimental gift item or décor piece, stop by Ma Maison. With a new creative owner at the helm hand picking eclectic treasures for you to enjoy, Ma Maison is bringing “fresh and funky” after more than 10 years of business. Ma Maison offers unique and handmade items including candles, jewelry, unique décor accents, designer baby including amazing personalized birth announcements and much, much more.
Moreover, Ma Maison is happy to reintroduce the works of Jeff Cane (An Englishman in L.A.) to their collection of products! Over the last four years, Cane has been expanding his talents into the world of wonderful nostalgic artwork from the early 1900s to the 1950s- meaning his pieces fit perfectly into the vintage trend! Cane puts his own personal spin on each of his pieces, making them unique and perfect for every home. Recently added to his collection are the very collectible ‘Book Tablets.’ These 7”x10” age