Bad Breath – How Do We Get It?

by | Nov 1, 2015 | Medical

 Bad breath or Halitosis is an oral condition that affects most people, but not all people are aware that they have this problem.
Certain bad breaths such as “morning mouth” may be considered to be fairly normal. During the day, saliva produced in your mouth helps move the decaying food and odors. While you sleep, the body makes less saliva thus making your mouth dry and allowing dead cells to stick to your tongue and cheeks. As bacteria break down these cells for food, odor is produced.
Let us look at some of the main causes of bad breath that may need further diagnosis and treatments:
• Poor Oral Hygiene – Improper brushing, frequency, and/or lack of flossing may contribute to plaque, bacteria, and other buildup
• Periodontal or gum disease, untreated tooth decay – Decay on a tooth or infections around the teeth and gums can cause bad breath
• Broken or defective fillings – Broken or defective fillings need to be replaced as they may trap plaque and bacteria.
• Improper denture hygiene – If not cleaned properly, dentures may collect plaque and tartar.
• Tongue Deposits – Some people suffer from excessive buildup of VSCs (volatile sulfur compounds) at the front and back of the tongue.  VSCs are produced from the breakdown of proteins by bacteria.
• Illnesses – Such as reflux disease, lung disease, kidney failure or liver disease – “fruity” breath may be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes. A urine-like smell, especially in a person who is at high risk of kidney disease, can sometimes indicate kidney failure.
• Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) – Dry mouth can be caused by salivary gland problems – not producing enough saliva, medicines, or breathing through mouth.
Whether it results from poor oral hygiene or other medical conditions, Halitosis must be addressed and treated before it worsens and causes more problems. If you have a persistent bad breath, do make an appointment with a dentist for an examination to ensure the right cause is identified.
Noa Dental offers a wide array of services and treatments available to get rid of your Halitosis. In addition, we provide complete oral care services that go beyond routine six months standard cleaning; they include oral cancer screenings, decay preventions, deep cleaning, and ultrasonic cleanings. Call us at 661-857-7662 for a free consultation or visit us at for more information.

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