The Rains Are Coming! We have been warned

by | Nov 1, 2015 | Home & Garden

We know we are in a drought but remember the pouring rain that comes occasionally and unexpectedly, especially during winter? Well, we suggest being prepared for it by cleaning, repairing, and protecting your gutters.
To keep that rain water flowing away from your home rather than into it, it’s important to ensure the drainage system is clean and working properly. You can even protect your gutters with mesh guards to keep debris from causing blockage.
Things you can do to stave off any water intrusion:
1. Clean out rain gutters and down spouts.
2. Check yard drains. Put a hose at the farthest drain and let it run for 15 minutes. If it fills up you need to get it cleared.
3. Check roof for missing shingles, cracks in mastic and fix it now.
4. Check for cracks, holes in painted or stucco surfaces. Fill as needed.
5. Clean out weep hole in window drains.
6. Clear dirt away from house, especially in planters.
7. Look around yard to make sure the natural drainage path has not been altered so water will flow naturally if drains are not adequate. *Car batteries that are weak seem to go dead in the rainy season so have it checked out so you won’t be stuck in the rain.
Inspired by any of these ideas, or want to think up more? Give us a call and let’s brainstorm! Call Randal Winter if you have any questions at 661-799-8089.
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