You Could Make Big Money With Your Voice

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Advertisers and casting directors need a wide range of voice types in order to sell to all kinds of people. Sometimes there is a misconception that only dramatic or impressive voices can do voiceovers. That simply is not true. There was a time in the 50’s and the 60’s when the sound of the “announcer,” big deep voice, was completely dominant but not any longer. So, if you love speaking and playing with words, if you like language and expressing yourself, you could be part of this very lucrative industry.
Your own uniqueness could be the reason you make a lot of money. Often, people try to be like everyone else. In voiceovers, being different can make you rich. Of course you have to fit in to the various styles, but your individual sound can bring a richness to someone’s project that will be perfect for them. One type of voice might not be able to convey the ideas to a listener, that another person saying the exact same words can explain with perfect clarity.
Many times a less dramatic voice is perceived as more accessible.
Obviously this depends on the person who is listening, what is being talked about, and what they like. Having said that, if we are seeking assurance or affirmation, then we tend to prefer a more authoritative voice. On the other hand, if we are trying to learn new concepts, or instructions in a new field, a more gentle voice can often help us understand better. Why? Well we sometimes feel slow or foolish if we don’t understand something new right away. It’s a basic human tendency to want to understand right away and to be impatient about the learning process. Consequently a more gentle, less dramatic voice allows us to relax more and not feel as impatient or embarrassed if we are having trouble grasping a concept.
So, there is a need for all voice types. Making money with your voice is a great way to make a living.
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