What to Expect at a Visit to a Dentist for a Checkup

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Medical

 Whether you are visiting a dentist for the first time or returning for your regular checkup, it’s important to let the dentist / hygienist know any health problems you have or have developed since the last visit. Your oral health is closely related to your overall health.
Of course, you would also want to mention any oral health issues you are experiencing.
Additionally, you want to provide all your current medications, supplements, and allergies to ensure the dentist is aware of the potential risks / complications associated with them in providing any treatments.
So what does a dental checkup involve?
Cleaning and polishing – Your dental hygienist / dentist will use a special instrument called a scaler or ultrasonic instrument to remove the tartar/plaques from your teeth. Afterwards, your teeth will be polished to remove any remaining plaque or stains.
If any dental hygiene problems were found during the cleaning/polishing, your dentist or hygienist will discuss what the issues are and corrective actions if any (e.g., correct flossing / brushing methods).
Examination and X-Ray – After the cleaning, your teeth, gums, and mouth will be examined by your dentist and/or hygienist for any signs of a problem (cleaning and polishing prior to the examination helps clear the potential obstructions for proper examination). Your dentist will check for any cavities using explorer tools, measure the space (“pocket”) between your teeth and gums, and take a closer look at the sides and back of your teeth. X-rays may be taken as well to look further for any decay, gum disease, or other issues.
At a first visit to a dentist, you may have a comprehensive examination which involves more thorough checkup on your mouth, head, and neck and screenings for oral cancer.  X-rays will also be taken but if you have taken them recently at another dentist, you could bring copies of them to avoid additional radiation exposure.
At Noa Dental, we are currently offering a new patient special that includes a comprehensive exam, digital x-rays, cleaning (routine), oral cancer screening, and free whitening. Please call us at 661-857-7662 to schedule a free consultation or visit our website at www.noadental.net for more information.

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