Steam Shower Benefits

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Home & Garden

 There are far more benefits to having an in-home steam shower than most people realize. In addition to increasing your home equity, using a steam shower can also increase your personal appearance and physical wellness in more ways than you could imagine.
Steam showers are excellent for improving your appearance and general sense of well-being. The steam promotes healthy and younger looking skin by opening up pores and hydrating your skin. This can be very beneficial in relieving acne conditions and leaving you skin with a natural healthy glow. A warm steam bath is also wonderful for relieving stress and promoting deep restful sleep, which fosters a much better overall sense of well-being. This can be enhanced by adding AromaTherapy and/or ChromoTherapy to your steam shower to encourage a more soothing relief and mood elevation.
Physical wellness is of the utmost importance to all of us and the use of a steam shower can improve numerous physical conditions. Warm mist opens up nasal passages and soothes the throat, which can relieve the symptoms of allergies, viruses, asthma and croup. Steam also releases toxins and sodium from the body, increases circulation, can boost metabolism, helps reinvigorate over-worked muscles, increases flexibility and can relieve pain and discomfort from arthritis.
Steam showers can be added to any home. Your existing shower can be converted to steam shower that can still function as a standard shower as well. Like many people, you may find that you have a master bath that no one ever uses. This is a great area to possibly increase the size of your existing shower and incorporate a steam shower. Steam showers cost pennies to operate and use less than two gallons of water for a half hour steam bath.
Imagine having daily, convenient access to a way of improving your overall sense of well-being and increasing your home equity by adding the unique feature of a steam shower to your own home.
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